Imprint Hotel

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

    Pictures; an important aspect of the travel experience. 76% of people traveling share photos through social media. A hotel that is popular on social media because of shared photos will be more successful than a hotel that does not have a social media presence.

The Imprint Hotel is designed to give guests a unique experience, placing them at the view they came to see and photograph. Buildings, paths and windows are oriented towards the views around the hotel’s site, the High Line Park in New York City. It was one of the most photographed and shared locations on Instagram in 2013. By putting a hotel right at the spot where travelers go to take pictures offers the unique opportunity to lodge, eat, and sleep at the popular viewpoint.

The entrance is a square arched walkway that leads to the lobby. To the right of the walkway is the hotel’s café, which looks over the view of the city. The lobby building is at the end of the arched walkway. Mobile check-in is available enabling the lobby be used as a meeting place and viewing platform. Behind the lobby are the Imprint’s individual guest houses, consisting of a bathroom, bedroom and built in seating area. The beds are faced towards a view of the city, framed by windows and folding doors. The seating area has built-in cushions, offering an indoor-outdoor experience.


Cafe Patio

Guest House Floorplan

By influencing the views and pictures guests share with others, the Imprint complements the story-telling of the traveler. Even though a picture doesn’t always do a view justice, the thousand words it does say is enough to leave a powerful and valuable impression.