Vocativ // Conceptual Creative Office

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Project with David Pullido. See his portfolio here.

Experience Vocativ’s journalism and data sourcing process by “peeling back” the space.

Vocativ tells original, compelling stories, drawing on its first-rate writing and reporting staff while using proprietary software to uncover trends, news leads and sources from the deep web and social networks.”

Data Analysis
Use of open source intelligence methods (OSINT) to find leads and analyze trends.

Traditional Journalism
Write stories on subjects such as US and world politics, the “underworld”, technology,
money and culture.

Video Production
“Ambitious” video operations filmed on-location and in-house using a green screen.

Source of Revenue
Currently making deals with traditional media outlets (MSNBC, Showtime).

Brand Analysis
Positioning themselves as the 
high-tech, raw, edgy and fearless news organization.

Employee interests
Twitter analysis: employees are between 25 to 39 years old 
and interested in technology, international news and travel.

Clean to Raw

Progressing further into the space, the experience is the truth of what Vocativ reports on: the dirt under the surface. The pristine image of the world has been peeled back, revealing and exposing what needs to be seen. The office is laid out into three experiences: Clean, it's transition and decay, and raw.

The Lobby and entrance is a facade of a clean unblemished company. Lights are linear and continuous and the materials are smooth and shiny.

Floor Plan


Flex Space and Conference Room

Entering the office, materials reveal texture and structure. Lights are dimmer and focused. Red, a symbol of Vocativ can be seen in places not normally found or observed, similar to the reporting the company does.

Kitchen, Office

Data analysts and journalists work hand in hand during the writing of a story. The newsroom aesthetic empowers workers. They are essential to the revealing of stories untold.

The back production corridor leads to the server room, edit bays, production studios and storage areas. Materials are rough, intentionally dirty and the lights dim and seedy.

Production Area