2015 // Year in Review

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Nine Weddings, Twenty-Four Portrait and Event sessions, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Bishop, Mammoth, Yosemite, Big Sur, Disneyland, Graduation!

I'm still amazed I packed as much as I did into this past year, despite finally graduating from college after seven years, and then immediately beginning my grad program. It has, truly, only been by God's grace that I've been offered so many opportunities and the time to do it all.

This year was highlighted by many trips on my own; exploring new places and taking risks. I starting traveling for weddings and learned the importance of showing up early for flights, even if you live right down the street from the airport. I also learned the importance of treating the people you bring along to help you. Those friends will save your life!

I had to give up some commitments like doing youth ministry on Friday nights, but also dove head first into new ways to serve my church, like heading up the worship ministry. Youth ministry has been a huge part of my life through college. Some of my best friends were made through serving alongside one another.

As I left one school and started at another, I found myself closer to friends and pursuing time together that was more than small talk. One of my best friends moved across the country. I learned how to care for people through listening, spending time and talking through tough times. 

Looking forward to next year through scheduling and getting a taste of grad school, the biggest change I will be making is not scheduling any weddings during the school year. This has been a big decision for me because it has been how I've made a living during school. I've been incredibly thankful for how flexible of a job it's been for me. However, success in school and allowing time for projects is a priority of mine. I'm eager to see how my photography changes as I shift my jobs to other projects and clients. I'm still doing weddings, just not during classes.

I challenged myself to improve my lighting techniques this year. I experimented with off camera light set ups, remotes, and diffusers. Astro-photography also became a favorite of mine.

Thank you to all my clients this past year! I am floored that people believe in me, my skills and my work. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you tell your story, live your dream, and make goals realities.

Thanks for a great 2015!

- kyle