Travel // Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills have been a popular spot famous for Western films as well as it's desolate mountain landscape. We took a zero day and hiked around looking for arches. I Returned later in the evening for star photos as the moon rose.

Travel // Yosemite

Took a day trip into Yosemite for the first time since high school. It was amazing to the the valley again, but also a marvel to see number to visitors at all the viewing points. Here are some favorites. We checked out the Glacier Point lookout, and Yosemite and Vernal Falls.

Los Angeles Museums

We drove up to Downtown Los Angeles to see the new Broad museum and the newly renovated Peterson Automotive Museum. It's always exciting to see new architecture in LA, a city not usually known for it's architecture; always over shadowed by the great metros of New York and Chicago. Designing for Los Angeles isn't easy either. When your neighbors are iconic projects such as Our Lady of Angels Cathedral, the CalTrans Building, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, you better set your self apart and become your own identity. 

Eastern Sierra Wanderings // Take Back the Night

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One of my favorite activities to do while traveling is to take night time landscapes. It gives me a little bit of a rush because you don't quite know how the photo will appear after a 30 second exposure. During this visit to Mammoth, the Milky Way was on full display. Few clouds as well as little light pollution made for great conditions for astro-photography.

Eastern Sierra Wanderings // Rainbow Falls

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It's not often you're able to visit a waterfall of this size. On this visit to the falls, I brought along my new tilt shift lens to look at it in a new way. However, swimming in the cold water on a hot day never gets old. We also ventured another mile down the river to the lower falls and was greeted by a peaceful oasis.