Portraits // Urban Rescue

Today my friends, Urban Rescue are releasing a brand new record titled "City Sessions". While they were on a tour stop in Ontario, I was able to go out and take press photos for their next season as a band. Jordan expressed a departure from the previous city backdrop toward a focused, clean backdrop aesthetic. Before their set on the Roadshow 2017, we set up a makeshift studio on an empty level of the Citizens Bank Arena. I shot these with one remote-triggered flash in a soft-box. I intentionally turned up the power of the flash to achieve higher contrast and deepened shadows. 

Check out City Sessions on what ever you listen to music with!

Engaged // Mallory and Eric

My first memory of Mallory and Eric as a "thing" involved a prank at a summer camp we all worked at. Mallory and couple of friends had the brilliant and playful idea to stuff grass in Eric's shoes while we were all at the lake. Little did I know that this camp crush would lead to so much more.

During a beautiful spring afternoon, Mallory, Eric and I explored Pacific City, searching for empty walls and quiet places to laugh together. Congratulations Mallory and Eric. We can't wait to be at your wedding!

Engagement // Vicky and Joel

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Meet Joel and Vicky! In between an already jam packed weekend of photography at Forest Home, I invited this joyous pair up to the mountains. I worked at camp with Joel and Vicky at Creekside back in 2012 and have since shared in life through Catalina, ice cream sandwiches, frantic text messages about cameras, "welp", and Joel's bold and courageous album art which he drove all the way from Westmont during finals weeks to work on. I am incredibly thankful to call them my friends and super excited as they share in many more moments of life together.

This late afternoon during golden hour was one of the most fun shoots I've done. I had an empty camp to work with, and not to mention, Joel's jokes which will remain unsaid. We can from one side of the canyon to the other and finished with a short drive up California 38 to finish with the sun setting over the  San Bernardino Mountains. Enjoy!