Married // Dani and Jordon

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Photographed with Emily Cariaga

Meet Dani and Jordon! Every couple looks forward to the perfect wedding, for everything to happen as planned. However, sometimes, God throws a wrench into things.

I drove down to San Clemente early Friday morning. It was a typical overcast Southern California day; but what was in store was out of control. I met up with Dani a couple of weeks prior to discuss final details of the wedding. The unfortunate news shes brought was that the forecast called for rain, and lots of it.

The morning of the wedding was windy and drizzling. Groomsmen had gone out and bought every umbrella in San Clemente. The rain was coming and the only thing to do was embrace it.

Something I love about Dani and Jordon is their spirit through plans not going the way they wanted. Marriage was not about the perfect day, but about the incredible commitments they were king to one another. Weather can't stop love.

Right when we got down to the beach, the winds picked up and the storm hit landfall. Thank goodess for weatherproof cameras and rain jackets.


The first dance

Let the party begin!

Congratulations Dani and Jordon!