Wedding // Molly and Nick

This post summer, I flew out to Boston to photograph the wedding of Molly and Nick. I had met Molly while working at Forest Home. We stayed in contact as she begin her own photographic career while at school on the East Coast.

Molly and Nick's wedding took place at Moraine Farm in Boston's north shore community of Beverly. I fell in love with the lush forest and open fields. Enjoy the photos below!

Congratulations Molly and Nick!

Wedding // Alicia & Thomas

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Being a part of your friend's lives is what make this job special. I grew up at church with Thomas. We went on missions trips together and serve on our high school leadership team. I met Alicia shortly after Thomas and I started college and instantly knew they were going to be together for a long time.

Alicia and Thomas' wedding was at the Coyote Hills Country Club. It featured a wedding pavilion that was actually designed by my Dad. I remember visiting the site 10 years ago and thinking nothing about returning as a wedding photographer.

Wedding // Dalphine & Nick

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Dalphine and Nick were married at the beautiful Alta Vista Country club in Placentia, California. Their elegant wedding had everything from stunner shades for all the guests, posing by a Lambo, and their dogs walking down the aisle. Enjoy the photos!

Eastern Sierra Wanderings // Take Back the Night

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One of my favorite activities to do while traveling is to take night time landscapes. It gives me a little bit of a rush because you don't quite know how the photo will appear after a 30 second exposure. During this visit to Mammoth, the Milky Way was on full display. Few clouds as well as little light pollution made for great conditions for astro-photography.

Eastern Sierra Wanderings // Rainbow Falls

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It's not often you're able to visit a waterfall of this size. On this visit to the falls, I brought along my new tilt shift lens to look at it in a new way. However, swimming in the cold water on a hot day never gets old. We also ventured another mile down the river to the lower falls and was greeted by a peaceful oasis.